Recommendations – #nationalbookloversday!

This post is one I’ve been excited about for the longest time and what better day that National Book Lovers Day! Let me tell you, book lover is an understatement. You look at a book and what is it? Paper but that’s what is so amazing, between the cover and the blurb is hidden an amazing story. There is so much life between those pages and I honestly feel like reading is underrated. It helps with your memory, with your vocabulary and and it’s an excellent stress buster!

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Here are some of my favourites that I would definitely recommend to everyone and anyone.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

I’m starting this list off with this novel because it’s my favourite of all time. There is so much drama and deep emotion in this book that no matter how many times you read it, it’s like a new experience each time. It’s a timeless gothic novel and you’ll be thinking about it long after you close the pages and the thing that gets me about this is there’s no other books by Emily. This masterpiece is her only novel and I just feel like it’s so intense and it’s so underrated by younger generations. You really feel for the characters and the topics that are covered in this are still really relevant today so it’s totally relatable in that sense. Also, the vocabulary isn’t too difficult and you can always highlight words you don’t really understand and go back after each chapter and google them. (Or use post-it notes if you don’t want to scribble all over your book.)

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

Sticking with the Victorian theme, this is a play and it’s so funny. I was on the train and I had this in my bag so I thought you know, why not? It was easy to get into, there isn’t too many characters that you’ll get confused reading through it on your own and did I mention it’s really funny? Wilde is really clever with this play as he reverses the gender roles and societal norms of that time and although a Victorian audience wouldn’t really understand the satire and it’s very subtle, with the changes throughout society it’s easy for us to see making thought provoking as well as comical. The characters are so loud and the storyline leaves you satisfied and feeling good.

Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix by J.K Rowling

Okay, you probably think I’m so basic for adding this but really, it’s the best book by far. I know a lot of people just watch the films and haven’t read the books but that’s so tragic and the books are so much better. There is so much more to them and they’re much more entertaining . Especially this one, I feel like the film does not compare at all. It’s a pretty bulky book but if you love the series, you know you’re going to love it. It’s an easy read and you wont even realise how long you’ve been sat there reading it because it just pulls you in, like magic!

Dracula by Bram Stoker

This occurred to me a few months ago that Dracula is a famous figure not just within book lovers but amongst everyone. Everyone knows that he’s a creepy ass vampire yet I had never read the book. I didn’t know his story. I knew he was a vampire obviously and all the basics but I seriously knew more about sparkly Eddy than I did the real OG. So I got to reading it and I’m telling you I was so surprised. I did not expect anything like that. The start was quite slow but the anticipation and the fear you feel is crazy. I was so surprised reading this book and I think it’s more because I thought I knew it would be a blood sucking vampire living in a castle blah blah, but it was so much more than that. There is a reason this guy is as well known as he is, he’s a  damn creep. Give it a read, it’s really worth it.

Make sure if you do read them you tell me what you think or if you already have what do you think of them? Do you have any recommendations? I’m always looking for something new to pick up! I’m currently reading Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe, what are you reading?

See you in my next post!




How to make the most of your summer.

We are well into the summer months and time is flying by. Soon we’ll be back into the educational system, stressing away trying to meet deadlines and keep up with studying and all that fun stuff. With there being just over one month left of this bliss it can be easy to just switch off all productivity and just spend time sleeping, watching Netflix and spending all your money on gourmet food, (takeout and anything with a high sugar content.) As great as all that sounds, there are so many thing to do that are not only fun but can contribute to doing great in these months and months to come.

Picking up past hobbies. 

With growing up comes a lot more responsibility so it’s a lot harder to find the time to do something for fun that requires a little more effort and more learning. In between jobs and education and family and other obligations we might have, usually a candle lit bath and a movie are all we want but pushing yourself to have a hobby is a great personal investment. Whether it’s learning to paint or rock climb or swimming or even DIY projects, it’s all good for bettering you. They look really good to add to CVs and usually there are groups that you can find of people with the same interest so it’s an excellent way to meet new people outside Pokemon GO.

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Term time prep.

Do some extra work for your classes in September. It’ll not only help you get ahead but also you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re learning when the time comes. It helps because when it comes to essay writing, you have a lot more time to do some background reading as the main stuff you’ve briefly already gone through and have learnt in class. You can even make notes over the summer that’ll save you time because most of your research is already done.

Movies on paper.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good book. In recent years reading has become less and less popular and more people are voting for audio-books or not reading at all which is kind of sad. I think logging off and picking up a book is one of lives greatest pleasures that everyone should sit back and enjoy. There are so many genres and loads of authors with totally different styles that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Studies show that reading a lot helps us gain a better memory and also it’s a great stress buster. I’ve been obsessed with books since a very young age and it’s just something that cannot be replaced with a smartphone app. It’s easy to fit into your daily routine too! You can read in the bath, on the train, before going to sleep. I’m so keen to do a post on book recommendations so make sure to look out for that in the future!


Future plans.

This sounds daunting but it’s really fun, trust me. You can even get creative with this one by creating inspirations boards and things like that. It’s good to think about where you want to get in life in terms of career and your life in general. I know I’m keen on travelling and the career I’m working towards requires a lot of experience. Therefore, I’m using this time to create a financial plan and getting some work placement done. If you don’t have this little bit of organisation it can really be like walking in the dark. After university if you choose it, you’ll be out in the world and there is only so much help you can get. You’re ultimately on your own so planning for it is a good move.


Don’t get me wrong, binge watch your favourite show on Netflix, go out with your friends, spend hours talking to your pets who don’t actually give a shit about what you have to say. Do whatever it is you love, relax and enjoy summer but don’t forget to do the other important things that’ll help you in life. Find a balance and have fun doing it. You’re sculpting your life and it doesn’t have to be a drag. Get creative and remember that structure isn’t always a bad thing.


A voice for the slaves of the system.

Since this is my first post I thought I would dedicate it to the ones without a voice. The ones who are abused, raped, tortured and disregarded. The ones who have their babies stolen from them, the ones who have no space, no freedom, no hope. No understanding of what’s going on or what they did to deserve the treatment they get. The innocent. The slaves, stolen for money and greed.

But it’s 2016, surely this type of treatment cannot exist…right?

It exists and it is happening right now, as you read this. Lives are taken for money, freedom is stolen for profit. How do they get away with this? Ignorance. Societal ignorance and in all honestly, that’s a terrible reason for exploitation.

The lives of animals are taken so lightly because we’ve been told that it’s okay, that cows are grazing happily and hens are roaming green field together. We have been conditioned to believe that they have a good life and are treated well, so it’s okay to take their babies, their eggs, their milk and their meat.

The images you see of these animals that come from big companies are so far from the truth that it’s easier to remain ignorant. I could talk about the health problems that the animal products cause you and your family, but shouldn’t it be enough that it’s murdering innocent lives? Why is that not enough to deter people from these companies? The companies who care about nothing more than the paper in your wallet.

You say it’s your choice to eat meat and it’s your life to spend however you wish. But is it really? It’s not your life that is actually affected. You’re making a decision for every animal that is being factory farmed right now. By buying those products, you are determining their future. You’re contributing to their pain and suffering. You’re helping the industries take babies away from their mothers. By looking the other way, you’re not better than they are. Just because you close your eyes, does not mean it’s not your fault or it’s out of your control.

It’s a choice for you, but not for the animals. They have no choice and there is nothing they can do about it. But there is so much you can do.

Wake up.